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Increasing the value your data delivers

Data has now taken on a central role in a huge variety of industries. Understanding how to manage data to deliver a vital competitive edge to any business, requires experience and expertise. White Turret consultancy can show how techniques such as Information Architecture, Change Management, Solution Design, Data Quality Frameworks and Data Science will deliver unique insights into your business.

In the past, we have have worked with major oil companies to improve the value delivered by upstream exploration and production data. These clients depend on having trusted technical data to understand the subsurface conditions, where inaccuracies can result not only in missed opportunities, but also increased risks and compounded costs. When data is one of the most valuable assets a company possesses, it is vital to understand the way it is impacted by business processes. Even quite small organisations can have complex data flows that require specialist knowledge in order to deliver the maximum possible benefit.

Our CEO, Steven Hawtin, is an industry leading Solutions Architect with a broad range of expertise and experience in the field of Data Management. Throughout his successful career he has published over twenty papers and been awarded a US Patent. His book, The Management of Oil Industry Exploration & Production Data, is a widely used training resource, and is available through the website .

White Turret is available for both short-term and long-term consultancy, and to provide training courses for internal staff. This website demonstrates just some of the services which we can provide, and further information about the importance of data management. If you wish to improve your company's handling of technical data, please contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss the assistance we're able to offer.