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Documenting the interactions between data systems in oil companies requires a systematic approach and a tried and tested set of tools. Combining more than 10 years of practical experience underpinned by concepts such as maturity metrics and information landscapes results in reports that combine insight and actions.

Some material

The following resources are available to provide more detail:

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Item 1.
The longer list of material about assessing information landscapes in oil companies on the book's website
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Item 2.
The BigOil poster (6Mb file) showing a fictional information landscape assessment
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Item 3.
Jezz Kozman and Ed Evans employ maturity metrics to define business strategy
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Item 4.
Maturity is a good metric, but it is not enough
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Item 5.
The concept of Maturity for data management is now fairly mature
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Item 6.
Hawtin, S. (2006) "Experience from IM Assessments: E&P Data Management in 2006 " presented at PNEC 10
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Item 7.
The standards provide some great checklists when assessing data management