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Applying new techniques to old issues

The tools available to the geoscientist to identify and exploit sub-surface resources have radically evolved since the early 1980s when the first seismic workstations moved the available computing resources from the remote data centre to the expert's desktop. Specialist software custom designed to support different disciplines has since become ubiquitous, each suite requiring an ever expanding footprint of data to deliver its best results. Integration has not been realised, it doesn't matter whose fault that is, the vendors have failed to build it and the oil companies have failing to fund it, the key fact is that there are currently fewer well tried and tested integration solutions in our industry than there were 15 years ago.

Meanwhile the rest of the world has moved on, new concepts such as Data Science, Information Architecture, Big Data, Complex Systems, the Internet of Things and Change Management have delivered value to other industries, could they be applicable to the Oil Industry?

One resource that we can definitely recommend is the book "The Management of Oil Industry Exploration & Production Data" written by Steve with a detailed description and additional material at our companion site (the book is available from Amazon). It provides an introduction to the plethora of key concepts that can provide relevant insight.

Some material

The following resources are available to provide more detail:

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Item 1.
The associated book provides a good overview of data handling for E&P companies
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Item 2.
'Intertwingled' is a good overview of what Information Architecture is about
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Item 3.
There are many things to be aware of when looking at E&P data handling
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Item 4.
There is no perfect way to prove data's value, but there are some options