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Morville's Classifications 

Sharing Knowledge

Seeing the big picture and keeping up with the latest thinking is hard when you have real work to do. Custom workshops, internal seminars and training courses help ensure all your team are aware of the latest opportunities, without any sales pitch to promise the unattainable. Years of experience presenting the complex issues ensue that you will gain actionable knowledge.

As an example the "Three ways to classify" shown here is from Peter Morville's 2014 book "Intertwingled" that provides invaluable insight into the discipline of Information Architecture. We have run workshops, classroom courses and intimate seminars on a wide range of important topics:

We can help your staff understand these challenging topics and help you articulate the opportunities and benefits for improving data handling.

Some material

The following resources are available to provide more detail:

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Item 1.
The book provides a good overview of the whole topic
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Item 2.
'Intertwingled' is a good introduction to what Information Architecture is about
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Item 3.
The CDA study is a good introduction to the value of data
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Item 4.
A range of techniques can reveal the information landscape
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Item 5.
This was the first paper that related maturity to business benefits