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Historical Papers by Steve Hawtin

Over the years Steve has written a number of papers, most of which are still available. Many of these (especially the older ones) are only valuable as historical documents, the most recent view is better expressed on the book's site ( ). Apart from ensuring that old mistakes remain visible these are listed here mainly for completeness.

Steve Hawtin "Overcoming the Information Challenge: Applying EA to E&P" (2014) presented at Enterprise Architecture Forum, Abu Dhabi
Steve Hawtin "Master Data in the E&P world: A clash of cultures?" (2014) presented at ECIM Master Data Management symposium, Stavanger Norway
Steve Hawtin "Data Governance: We Know We Want It, But What Is It?" (2013) presented at PNEC17 Houston
Steve Hawtin "Information Management and Analytics for better outcomes" (2013) presented at Middle East Information Management Forum, Abu Dhabi
Steve Hawtin "Uncovering the impact of data governance: Techniques to prove the value" (2013) presented at Data Governance Industry Workshop, Morocco
Steve Hawtin "The value of data & data management - How the CDA report helps pick technology" (2012) presented at AAPG E&P Data Management Workshop, Jordan
Steve Hawtin "Why Improve? - The Value of Data and Data Management" (2011) presented at PNEC 15, Houston
Steve Hawtin and David Lecore for CDA Ltd "The business value case for data management" (2011) available on O&G UK website
Steve Hawtin "Applying DAMA to E&P Data" (2010) presented at PNEC 14, Houston, ECIM 2010, Haugesund Norway and EAGE 2011, Vienna
Steve Hawtin "E&P Data Assessments - Are They Worth the Cost?" (2009) presented at PNEC 13, Houston
Jess Kozman and Steve Hawtin "The Main Sequence: Matching Data Management Change to the Organization" (2008) presented at PNEC 12, Houston
Steve Hawtin "Sharing a common view of the 'Information Landscape'" (2007) presented at ECIM 2007, Haugesund Norway
Lester Bayne and Steve Hawtin "Accomplishing Innovation in Asset Teams & Operations" (2007) presented at ECIM 2007, Haugesund
Steve Hawtin "Experience from IM Assessments: E&P Data Management in " (2006) presented at PNEC 10, Houston
S Hawtin, P Dineen and J Hollingsworth "Information Management Road Map: from 'Content to Context'" (2004) presented at PNEC 8, Houston
S Hawtin and D Davies "Data Integration for Disparate Repositories" (2003) presented at PNEC 7, Houston
K Tonstad, K Tungland, N Abusalbi and S Hawtin "Building an E&P Interpretation Results Knowledge Base: Theory and Practice in Unlocking Hidden Value" (2003) presented at PNEC 7, Houston
S Hawtin and L Bayne "Deliver Your Master Data Store" (2003) presented at SMi Conference, London
S Hawtin, N Abusalbi, L Bayne & M Chadwick "The Data Integration Spectrum" (2003) presented at PNEC 6, Houston, AAPG 2002, Cairo
Steve Hawtin "Practical E&P Data Mapping using XML" (2001) presented at PNEC 5, Houston
Steve Hawtin for Geoshare User's Group "Data Integration Technology for Exploration & Production" (2000) presented at Geoshare Users Group/ PNEC 4, Houston
R Davidson, V Kher, S Hawtin & S Pugh "Solving Data Migration Problems Using a Combination of Geoshare and DAEX" (1999) presented at Geoshare Users Group/ PNEC 3, Houston
Steve Hawtin "The OpenDX Initiative" (1999) presented at POSC Workshop, Houston