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Exposure to a wide range of oil companies has shown that changing data handling practices requires a clear approach and obvious benefits. Articulating the framework that technical data should operate within is an essential first step, communicating that to budget holders, users and custodians is both challenging and essential. Years of experience defining workable solutions and explaining their impact on business value can help you.

Some material

The following resources are available to provide more detail:

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Item 1.
Data governance for oil companies is outlined in chapter 6 of the book
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Item 2.
'Data Governance: We Know We Want It, But What Is It?' presented at PNEC17 Houston 2013
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Item 3.
Dave Blosser (Chevron) and Paul Haines (Noah) on Data Governance at Chevron GOM
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Item 4.
Without an idea of what should be there how can we see what isn't