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There are many general resources available on the companion site ( ), the resources listed here are only those specific to White Turret Ltd and the services that we perform.

Related Organisations

White Turret Ltd is able to draw upon a wide network of experienced professionals to add further value to our project delivery.

Llahven Ltd

Llahven Ltd is an independent Information Management Consultancy who offer expertise in:

Llahven Ltd is able to fit between the 4 key groups in your organization, and can work on your projects in close communication with the Management Team, the User Community, the Vendors and the IT Team. To find out more about the offerings and experience please visit

Some material

The following resources are available to provide more detail:

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Item 1.
Chapter 20 of the book provides a full bibliography
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Item 2.
Extra material has been written and discovered since the book was published
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Item 3.
There are also more than 60 informal one page articles on a wide range of related topics